Draw A Curved Line In Illustrator

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It may sound fundamental. But it’s those SIMPLE things that can really trip you up.

Which is why this is something that gets googled. A LOT:

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Now, the tutorials here go WAY beyond drawing basic curves. And I’ve got some pretty NIFTY TRICKS up my sleeve.

So even if you feel like you’re (somewhat) in #curvecontrol, DON’T SKIP THIS CHAPTER SO FAST.


How to Turn a Straight Line Into a Curved Line in Illustrator…intuitively

If you’ve used other vector based software like Inkscape or FreeHand…chances are you feel like they draw more intuitive than Illustrator.

I haven’t spent time in those programs. So I’m not going to debate about it.

But you’re here to learn ILLUSTRATOR. (Because whether you’re a freelancer or have a traditional job, that’s what fashion brands require). So, let me show you the easiest way to make AI JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT.

We’ll start with this video tutorial: Turn a straight line into a curved line with ONE CLICK.

How to Control Curves While Drawing in Illustrator

This is one of those tricks that “only those who’ve been using AI for a long time” know.

Even then? A LOT of those people don’t know it.

These keyboard shortcuts will let you easily control curves as you draw, so you don’t have to GO BACK make edits.

If the Pen Tool isn’t your friend yet? It may be best to hold off on this one until you’re comfortable together (and check out the previous chapters of this guide!).

But if the two of you are becoming closer pals, you’re ready for this tutorial.

How to Avoid “v” or “butt” Shapes in the Middle of Your Curves

You know the one. It looks like a V… or like a butt. #facepalm

And when you’re drawing smooth curves for necklines or hems? This pesky shape keeps getting RIGHT in the middle of things.

If you use the flat drawing technique I teach of creating half your garment and then reflecting it along the center front? You probably fight with this “V-butt” problem a lot.

fashion flat illustrator draw half V BUTT

This video tutorial will show you how to draw your fashion sketches in a way that avoids the “V-butt” all together. #NOmoreVbutt

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