Sew Heidi + Successful Fashion Designer Reviews

You can freelance in fashion doing work you love and earn steady income. But no one in our industry really talks about that. Or maybe you don’t know anyone who’s doing it.

After all, don’t all brands want full-time, in-house freelancers?

Sure, some do. But there are thousands out there who don’t. They’re just brands you haven’t heard of.

If you want to escape the mass produced rat race and work on projects you’re passionate about…

While having freedom in your day and not being tied to a desk…

Freelancing is how you get there. (And I’m talking about real freelancing where you’re in control of your business, not an exploited temp employee.)

But since this is likely a new concept for you, you’re probably wondering…

“Is this legit? Is it really possible to find well paying clients who know the value of my services in fashion?”

I would too (there’s a LOT of shady stuff on the internet)! Check out these case studies, reviews, testimonials and stories from the hundreds of fashion designers (and textile designers, PDs, TDs and beyond) who have built successful freelance careers with the help of me (Sew Heidi!) and my flagship program, Freelance Accelerator: from Surviving to Thriving (FAST).