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What is a Technical Sketch in Fashion Design?

Learn how technical sketches are used in the fashion industry, what they are and how to draw them, step-by-step with my free tutorial guide.

What is a Technical Designer in the Fashion Industry? (and how do I become one?)

Explore the role of a technical designer in the fashion industry. Learn what a TD does and how to become one (while working remotely from home!).

How to Raise Your Freelance Rates in Fashion (with scripts)

Learn how to confidently raise your rates as a freelance fashion designer. Get tips & word-for-word scripts on negotiation, crafting a pitch, and implementing a rate increase cycle.

How to Create a Clothing Size Chart for your Fashion Brand (with FREE templates)

Learn the different types of size charts in the fashion industry and how to create them with this step-by-step guide. Make yours using my free, customizable size chart templates.

How to Fit A Garment Sample: Step-by-Step

Learn how to fit a garment sample using this step-by-step guide. Identify and resolve fit issues by effectively communicating them in your tech pack.

Upwork Proposal Cover Letter for Fashion Designers (with samples)

Learn how to create winning Upwork proposals for freelance fashion designers. Get expert tips, guides, and samples to secure fashion design jobs from clients all over the world.

What are Fashion Trade Shows (and should I attend one?)

Discover the benefits of fashion trade shows and learn about top trade show events. Get expert tips on how to prepare and whether you should attend one as a freelance fashion designer.

Quality Control in Garment Manufacturing: How It Works

What’s quality control in garment manufacturing, and how does the whole process work? Learn the different methods, standards, benefits and challenges.

How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer: Step-by-Step Guide (with free sourcing sheet)

Learn how to find a clothing manufacturer, what questions to ask, and red flags to look out for. Plus, download the FREE manufacturer sourcing evaluation sheet to make sure they’re the right one!

FREE How to Measure Guide: Templates for Apparel & Garment Manufacturing

Download my free, customizable How to Measure Guide Templates for apparel production. Great for technical designers & fashion designers whether you’re freelancing or starting a clothing line.

The Ultimate Guide to Clothing Care Labels (with free customizable template)

Step-by-step guide to clothing care labels. Create yours using my free, customizable clothing care label template. Complete with symbols and guides!

Common Construction Defects in Garments (and how to prevent them in manufacturing)

Discover how to identify and prevent construction defects in garments. Learn how to avoid them in bulk production and ensure garment quality.

The Production Process in Garment Manufacturing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn the garment production process step by step to create clothes from design to delivery. Snag my FREE production timeline template to keep manufacturing on track!

Common Garment Fabric Defects in the Fashion Industry (and how to prevent them in production)

Discover how to identify and prevent fabric defects in garments. Learn how to avoid them in bulk production to ensure garment quality.

The Best Online Platforms for Fashion Designers: Showcase Your Portfolio and Find Opportunities

What are the best website, social media, and portfolio platforms for fashion designers? The answers will surprise you (and boost your fashion career).

Creating a How to Measure Guide for Your Fashion Manufacturer (with a free sample guide!)

Learn how to create a comprehensive How to Measure Guide for your fashion manufacturer. Enhance communication, ensure quality control, and improve your production process with this essential guide.

How to Create Graded Specs in a Garment Tech Pack

Learn how to create graded specs step-by-step, to make sure garments fit right in all sizes. (And snag my free fashion tech pack template.)

Top 30 Must-Know Garment Terminology For Fashion Designers (with pictures!)

Get familiar with these must-know list of garment terminology for fashion designers and know exactly what each item looks like with the included pictures.

How to Negotiate a Raise in the Fashion Industry (with word-for-word scripts)

Get the raise you deserve in your fashion career with these tips and techniques. Learn how to negotiate a raise in the fashion industry with confidence.

How to Review a Garment Sample: Step-by-Step Checklist

An important part of the fashion design process is reviewing the garment sample. Learn the steps needed to ensure proper garment samples are made.


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