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FREE How to Measure Guide: Templates for Apparel & Garment Manufacturing

One of the key tools to ensure smooth communication upfront during garment manufacturing is by using a How to Measure Guide for Apparel.

Because communication hiccups with manufacturers happen all. the. time..

It’s so common for miscommunication to occur during product development. And a lot of mistakes that happen in sample-making and garment manufacturing often come from misunderstandings. 

If you’re not able to express your vision clearly, things can quickly go south.

This is why it’s super important to be as clear as you can right from the get-go. 

Enter…the How to Measure Guide for Apparel.

A How to Measure Guide, as the name suggests, assists manufacturers and the entire design team in understanding how to accurately measure a garment. Typically created by technical designers, How to Measure Guides include visuals and descriptions that illustrate specific points on where and how measurements should be taken in the garment.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about this topic and want to learn more, go check out my Guide on Creating a How to Measure Guide for Your Fashion Manufacturer. That guide will walk you through the steps to create your own how to measure guides from scratch.

But as I was writing that guide, I realized that there’s not much out there in the way of how to measure templates for apparel that remote technical designers or freelance fashion designers like you can easily access. The ones that do exist…well, they’re probably asking you to pay for it. Eek! 😬

That’s why I decided to create FREE Customizable How to Measure Guide Templates for apparel to make your life (and manufacturing!) easier – no strings attached! 😉

So, what’s in it for you? Whether you’re a technical designer, are starting your own clothing line, or a freelance fashion designer, here’s what I’ve put together for ya!

Here’s Exactly What You Get with My Free How to Measure Guide Template for Apparel

Customizable Points of Measures (POMs) and Codes

On the left side of the spreadsheet are the codes and Points of Measure (POMs). It’s essential to specify which part of the garment you’re pertaining to and include a letter (or number!) code to match with the illustration for visual reference. 

If you feel like more or less POMs are needed for your own designs, feel free to switch around and add or remove info.

For example, if your t-shirt has raglan sleeves instead of regular set-in sleeves, you can change the “armhole straight” to “armhole raglan” measurements and update the codes and illustration, as well.

Customizable POM Descriptions

Next, we have the POM Descriptions. This part should clearly specify any additional instructions on how to carry out the measurement. For example, specify if you are measuring from the edge or seam, or if it’s a straight or curved measurement.

Designers and pattern-makers can have their own ways of measuring garments, so make sure to clarify your process upfront.

Customizable Illustration Guide

A separate Adobe Illustrator File is provided so you can use your own flat sketch illustrations and change up the arrow guides and codes.

Then, you can just quickly replace the illustration on the file. Easy as pie!

How to Measure Guide Templates for the Top 4 most common types of clothing & apparel

And I’ve got more than one, not just two, but a total of 4 COMPLETELY FREE templates waiting for you:

  • How to Measure Guide for T-shirts
  • How to Measure Guide for Woven Button Down Shirts
  • How to Measure Guide for Bottoms (jeans, pants, shorts)
  • How to Measure Guide for Skirts

Download all four and get cracking!

The Importance of Customizing Your How to Measure Guide for Apparel

Here’s the truth – while I’ve poured my heart into creating these How to Measure Guide templates for apparel, the reality is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for How to Measure Guides. 

Each garment has its unique and special style – making use of different construction techniques that go beyond these templates. My best advice is to use these How to Measure Guide Templates as a starting point for clothing manufacturing, not a final destination. 

So, before you drop these in your tech pack (oh, yeah, I have a free tech pack template for ya too!) and hit ‘send’ to your manufacturers, remember this: the real magic happens when you tailor these customizable templates to your clothing brand’s fit and your unique design details.

Use this as your head start in upping your measurement game!


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