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Are You an Illustrator File Messer-Upper?

September 28, 2017

If you work on a team, you probably know what it’s like to share Illustrator files. And chances are, you fall into one of these two groups of people: The File Messer-Upper You know enough about AI to make edits and modify files. But most of the time you hack things together. You can’t figure […]

SFD013: Clothing Line Production: The Step by Step Process for Fashion Designers

July 31, 2017

Learn the step by step process to clothing line production and the critical parts to think about like: how long it takes to go from idea to finished product, how much to budget, and whether you should manufacture locally or offshore / overseas. In this episode I’m chatting with Abbie Ellis, co-founder of Stitch Method […]

Why A Tech Pack is Essential for Your Fashion Design Success

May 25, 2017

Unfortunately, my inbox is filled with emails like this way too often: And it doesn’t matter if you’re sourcing locally or overseas, the same problems come up. Which is exactly why I’ve created loads of resources to help you create your tech packs. Because I don’t want to see designers like you stuck in this […]


May 11, 2017

Designers use Illustrator for a lot of things they shouldn’t, and I won’t lie, I’m guilty of a few. Cropping photos? Why launch Photoshop when you can stay in AI and use a clipping mask? GUILTY! Laying out line sheets? This one’s debatable depending on how many pages you have, but InDesign is where you […]

My 3 Best Tech Pack Tricks for Fashion Designers

May 04, 2017

Tech are tedious – and you’d rather spend time designing than speccing. But they’re a requirement to get product made correctly. These simple shortcuts will save you hours in Illustrator and Excel

What is a tech pack?

February 23, 2017

What is the best way to create tech packs? What is the industry standard? How do I know if my tech pack is complete? There are no exact answers to these questions (although you can check out episode 23 of The Successful Fashion Designer live show for my insights). But questions like what is a tech pack is? What […]

What Goes in a Tech Pack?

October 18, 2016

A tech pack is the blueprint to get your garment manufactured…which sounds simple enough until you sit down and try to put it all together. The amount of details you need to spec become overwhelming. How much info is enough? Should you create it in Illustrator? Where do you put certain things? To start, let’s look at […]

Technical Fashion Flats in Illustrator: A More Artistic Approach

October 08, 2014

When sketching flats and designing in Illustrator, we put our best foot forward to do top notch work and make awesome presentations.  But it’s easy to lose the “design appeal” when it comes to technical flat sketches. If you’re preparing for a big presentation and really want to wow your client (or boss!), here are some tricks you can […]