Successful Fashion Designer Podcast: Networking Tips

SFD066 10 Easy Networking Tips (you can use today) to Get Ahead in Fashion

One of the best ways to get ahead in fashion – whether it’s to get your first (or next) job or to launch your own fashion brand – is networking. Now, I know, no one really wants to “network”.

But here’s the thing:

You don’t have to do that “networking” thing. Instead, you can just focus on making friends and having conversations. Once you build some of these simple habits into your daily life, opportunities will literally start falling in your lap.

I guarantee it.

Because – in case you didn’t realize it – friends share resources and opportunities with other friends. So the next time you need a job or a desperate to find a new factory for production, if you have a network, you’ll easily be able to reach out and ask someone for help.

In this Podlet episode of the Successful Fashion Designer podcast, Robyn and I go through 10 easy networking tips you can use today. We reference examples of how other guests on the show have used these strategies, and share ideas about how you can use them.

In this episode of the Successful Fashion Designer podcast, she walks us through how she created a surface pattern design brand using her one-of-a-kind vision and inspiration.

In the interview (which I know you’ll love) we cover these networking tips:

  • How to network online and build remote relationships…no matter where you live
  • How to easily stay in touch with your network so they think about you for opportunities
  • How to expand your network beyond the obvious “fashion designers”
  • What two tiny things you can do to stand out from everyone else
  • Why your attitude has a huge impact on whether people want you to be part of their “network”
  • How working together versus working alone will get you 10x further in life and your career
  • The importance of building your network with the expectation of getting nothing in return
  • How to get what you want…by asking for it
  • Why you need to pay attention to other people…and not just think about yourself

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Successful Fashion Designer Podcast: Networking Tips

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