Fashion Design Resume Examples

Your fashion design resume matters A LOT more than you think! Because your resume is your TOE in the door, and hiring managers are going to look at it before they see your portfolio. So you have to catch their attention!

I’m going to share fashion design resume examples (that have landed jobs!) but before we get to that, you need to know something first:

#1 most important thing about your resume design and layout.

It’s something MOST designers get wrong!

When it comes to your resume layout and design…THEY DON’T MATTER!!!

Your resume does NOT need to be creative, stylish or artistic. It should be SIMPLE and CLEAN!

Most people are SURPRISED by this!!

(Don’t listen to generic advice online or “other creatives” who probably aren’t getting offers)

You resume layout DOESN’T MATTER because:

The point of your resume is to communicate your skills and experience, NOT your eye for design. 

That’s what your portfolio is for!


“As a hiring manager, the bells and whistles stylistically never swayed my hiring decision…CONTENT and quality matter. I would much rather have a clean, easy to read resume that is chalked full of quality vs a ‘pretty’ resume that doesn’t amount to much.”

So, what does a simple and clean resume in fashion look like?

Here are two examples from real life fashionistas who used BASIC layouts to land great jobs.

Simple fashion resume #1

This is an entry level designer who had no real fashion experience except internships and education. (If you look closely, her previous job was designing textiles for MATTRESSES!)

Yet she used this EXACT resume to get an AMAZING job at an international well known active brand.

Simple fashion resume #2

This technical designer has HUGE GAPS in her employment after taking years off to raise her family

Yet with this BASIC resume design, she got a job at a well known fashion conglomerate.

These resumes are SO simple, they could be done in Microsoft Word or pasted into an online application system.

But they WORK because it’s the CONTENT that matters. 

(Yes, of course your portfolio and interview skills matter too, but your resume is the first impression to get your foot in the door so you have to nail it!)

So, what is so amazing about the content of these resumes (and how do you make yours stand out)?

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