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What is a Technical Sketch in Fashion Design?

Learn how technical sketches are used in the fashion industry, what they are and how to draw them, step-by-step with my free tutorial guide.

What is a Technical Designer in the Fashion Industry? (and how do I become one?)

Explore the role of a technical designer in the fashion industry. Learn what a TD does and how to become one (while working remotely from home!).

How to Fit A Garment Sample: Step-by-Step

Learn how to fit a garment sample using this step-by-step guide. Identify and resolve fit issues by effectively communicating them in your tech pack.

The Ultimate Guide to Clothing Care Labels (with free customizable template)

Step-by-step guide to clothing care labels. Create yours using my free, customizable clothing care label template. Complete with symbols and guides!

Common Construction Defects in Garments (and how to prevent them in manufacturing)

Discover how to identify and prevent construction defects in garments. Learn how to avoid them in bulk production and ensure garment quality.

The Production Process in Garment Manufacturing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn the garment production process step by step to create clothes from design to delivery. Snag my FREE production timeline template to keep manufacturing on track!

Common Garment Fabric Defects in the Fashion Industry (and how to prevent them in production)

Discover how to identify and prevent fabric defects in garments. Learn how to avoid them in bulk production to ensure garment quality.

Creating a How to Measure Guide for Your Fashion Manufacturer (with a free sample guide!)

Learn how to create a comprehensive How to Measure Guide for your fashion manufacturer. Enhance communication, ensure quality control, and improve your production process with this essential guide.

How to Create Graded Specs in a Garment Tech Pack

Learn how to create graded specs step-by-step, to make sure garments fit right in all sizes. (And snag my free fashion tech pack template.)

How to Review a Garment Sample: Step-by-Step Checklist

An important part of the fashion design process is reviewing the garment sample. Learn the steps needed to ensure proper garment samples are made.

Common Stitch Defects in Garments (and how to fix them in manufacturing)

It’s important to know stitch defects in garments as a fashion designer. Learn the most common defects, how to identify them, and prevent them.

9 Essential Types of Stitches for Garment Construction (and how to call them out)

These are 9 essential types of stitches for garment construction & manufacturing. (Plus how to call them out in tech packs & spec sheets.)

12 Types of Garment Samples During Apparel Production (which ones do you need?)

What types of garment samples are used during the apparel production process? And which ones do you actually need? Here’s a list.

Measuring Garments and Creating Points of Measure (POM): Ultimate Guide

Learn how to measure a garment & create points of measure (POM) for tech packs. It’s an essential fashion indsutry skill to make sure garments fit right.

Tech Pack Software Comparisons (and the best free option)

Not sure what tech pack software is best for your design project? Or if you even need it? Here are comparisons of the top fashion industry tech pack softwares.

SFD104 What Is a Fashion Tech Pack (and do you really need one)?

Most aspiring fashionistas don’t envision their fashion career and think, “I can’t wait to create an amazing tech pack!” But love them or hate them, tech packs are a crucial part of getting your garments from your head into your customers’ hands. In this episode you’ll hear from Belinda Jacobs of Tech Packs Co on what a tech pack REALLY needs, why they are SO important, and how you can be sure yours gets the job done RIGHT!

Why A Tech Pack is Essential for Your Fashion Design Success

Fashion designers need tech packs! If you want to work in the industry, understanding how to build one fast is essential. Unfortunately, my inbox is filled with emails like this way too often: And it doesn’t matter if you’re sourcing locally or overseas, the same problems come up. Which is exactly why I’ve created loads […]

My 3 Best Tech Pack Tricks for Fashion Designers

Tech are tedious – and you’d rather spend time designing than speccing. But they’re a requirement to get product made correctly. These simple shortcuts will save you hours in Illustrator and Excel

What is a tech pack?

What is the best way to create tech packs? What is the industry standard? How do I know if my tech pack is complete? There are no exact answers to these questions. But questions like what is a tech pack is? What does a tech pack include? Those questions have specific answers – and I’ve addressed them […]

What Goes in a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is the blueprint to get your garment manufactured…which sounds simple enough until you sit down and try to put it all together. The amount of details you need to spec become overwhelming. How much info is enough? Should you create it in Illustrator? Where do you put certain things? To start, let’s look at […]


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