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191: Adjust these 5 things on your fashion resume to look “younger” (and avoid ageism)

Ageism is a legit problem in the fashion industry. Use these strategies to combat age discrimination when looking for fashion design jobs.

190 – Q&A: Are You Ready to Quit Your Full-Time Job And Go All In As A Freelance Fashion Designer?

Learn when and how to transition to full-time freelancing as a fashion designer, as well as practical strategies to build a sustainable client base.

189: How to make your freelance clients happy just by “being available”

hear firsthand stories from Alexander Massey as he shares the ups and downs of working with freelancers and managing the logistics of manufacturing remotely

188: From Military Pilot to Freelance Fashion Designer. WHAAAT?!

A military pilot turned fashion designer shares how a successful career switch can be possible. Hear secrets to landing clients, finding mentors, and 3D.

187: Should you leave the fashion industry? Before you quit, consider this…

Feeling burned out in the fashion industry? Learn what to do instead of quitting.

186 | Q&A: Do freelance fashion designers need to be on Instagram? The answer will surprise you.

Break free from the endless tweaking of social media and portfolio and start landing paid projects. Discover how to prioritize your efforts, create an impactful Instagram profile, and leverage in-person connections to gain clients. Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and make real progress in your fashion design business. In this episode, […]

185: How to Build A Fashion Design Agency & Launch Your Fashion Brand On The Side

Learn the ups and downs of building a fashion design agency, navigating freelance work, and how to build your brand as a side hustle.

184: How This Freelance Textile Designer Is Charging $75/hr

Tired of the rat race and longing for more control in your fashion career? This textile designer shares how freelancing changed her life for the better.

183: What’s more profitable: starting a clothing line or being a freelance fashion designer?

Learn the profitability of starting a clothing line versus freelancing in fashion and which is better for working for yourself in fashion and making money.

182: Q&A | How Do Freelance Technical Designers Review Protos Remotely?

Learn how freelance technical designers can remotely review samples and prototypes. Get valuable insights to ensure development stays on track.

181: The Secret to Get New Clients on Autopilot for Your Freelance Fashion Design Business

Unlock your fashion design freelancer potential with expert tips on getting clients on autopilot, offering solutions, and helping your clients’ success!

180: How This Pattern Cutter Freelanced for Alexander McQueen (While Still in Fashion School)

Imagine freelancing for one of the biggest names in Fashion. In this episode hear how this pattern cutter did just that and all about her evolving career.

179: Illegal “freelance” fashion design jobs…

Before accepting your next fashion design “freelance” gig, make sure it’s not illegal. Here’s how to tell if it’s a real freelance job or exploitative.

178: Q&A: Hey Fashion Designer, Are You Stuck in Your Comfort Zone?

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in your comfort zone and in need of a little push to take your fashion design career to the next level, you’re not alone and that’s the exact strategies we’ll be talking about in today’s episode.

177: How this Fashion Designer Used LinkedIn to Land High-Paying Projects

Listen to the new podcast episode! Here’s what you’ll find in today’s episode: Uncover this fashion designer’s secrets to attracting clients and growing a successful agency, while also shedding light on the challenges and frustrations she faces when working with freelancers (and what you should do instead.) In this episode, Rachel Batterbee spills the secrets […]

176: From “trapped” in NYC to in control of her own destiny: how this freelance fashion designer did it

Find out how this freelance fashion designer is making $60k a year working part-time. Her fashion career journey teaches lessons of growth and evolving.

SFF175: We’re BACK with some BIG (and exciting!) changes!

The podcast is back with new and exciting episodes full of industry knowledge, success stories, and game-changing insights.

SFF174: Podcast Updates (and free LIVE training!)

This episode is a little bit different than our normal episodes. In this episode, I’m going to talk about some of the amazing benefits of being your own boss while sharing some announcements about the podcast.  You’ll also get to hear some very exciting news about an upcoming event that we are pumped about!  In […]

SFF173: Fashion Freelancer Q&A: How to Ask for Referrals to Get Consistent Income

Referrals are one of the best ways to grow your freelance business but they don’t just fall in your lap!  If you’ve ever struggled with the confidence to ask for a referral or have trouble finding the right time or words to say, then this episode is for you!  Meghan is joining me as we […]

SFF172: How This Freelance Fashion Designer Landed a $10k Project on Upwork

Being a fashion freelancer has some great things to offer, but what about the tasks that seem really intimidating? In this episode, Stayce and I are jumping into these intimidating tasks head first (literally…we’re going to be tackling mindset!)   Find out how Stayce wraps her mind around tackling some of these intimidating tasks and landed […]


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