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The Best Online Platforms for Fashion Designers: Showcase Your Portfolio and Find Opportunities

What are the best website, social media, and portfolio platforms for fashion designers? The answers will surprise you (and boost your fashion career).

Learn How to Create a Fashion Design Mood Board

Learn how to create a fashion design mood board, step-by-step. (With 12 mood board examples from fashion industry professionals.)

Fashion Design Portfolio Critique: How to Make Your Work Stand Out

There are a few simple things you can do in your fashion design portfolio to showcase your best work and make sure you stand out amongst the competition. Most of¬†the fashion portfolios I see don’t need a major overhaul, they just need a few simple tweaks. Often, how you organize and present your work is a quick […]

Fashion Design Student? Your Portfolio MUST have these TWO things

There’s a common mistake all fashion design students make in their portfolio. And before I tell you what it is, please know, it’s not your fault. Schools don’t teach you any better. Which is why I’m here to show you the TWO things your fashion school portfolio¬†must include (and what to leave out). Because here’s the thing… […]

SFD049: Learn How to Create a Stellar Fashion Portfolio From a Former Under Armour Designer, featuring Leila Jalili

Few fashion professionals are as passionate and knowledgeable as Leila Jalili, my guest for this episode of The Successful Fashion Designer. She left positions with global brands such as Under Armour and 686 Technical Apparel to focus on her career as a freelance creative consultant specializing in the design, direction, and development of performance apparel […]

What Should I Include in My Fashion Design Portfolio? (with examples)

Do NOT overthink your portfolio! Brands are going to glance at it quickly and make a decision. If they see a few designs that match what they’re looking for, they’ll reply. They’re not going to spend 10 or even 5 minutes browsing. So keep it simple and include just a few examples of your best work for the market you’ve chosen. Here are some examples and why they work well.


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