What Are the Parts of a Zipper Called?

In your tech pack, you’ll want to use correct terminology not only when you’re putting specs together on your fashion flat sketches, but also for the various trims that are used in your designs. There are a lot of different parts to a zipper and knowing what each one is called will help communicate your vision clearly.

This diagram (drawn as a zipper pattern brush in Illustrator) shows each part of the trim and its function.

What Are the Parts of a Zipper Called? {Sew Heidi}
What Are the Parts of a Zipper Called?

Slider (AKA Car): The portion of the zipper that connects to the teeth and is what actually zips the teeth open or apart.
Pull: The portion of the zipper that is attached the the slider which is what the user pulls on to move the slider up or down.
Stop: The bottom or top part of the zipper that prevents the slider from pulling off the teeth.
Teeth: On either side of the zipper tape, the teeth connect together to close the zipper.
Tape: The textile portion of the zipper that holds the teeth; this portion of the zipper is sewn into the garment or product.
Garage: Not actually part of the zipper itself, this is a portion of fabric that is sewn at the top or bottom of a zipper insert for the slider and pull to “park” in.

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