SFD041: How to Set Up Your Fashion Brand Successfully, from Samples to Production

Tricia runs her fashion studio, Hello World Fashion, in DTLA. With more than a decade of experience in the industry designing, sourcing and doing production, she can help you set up your fashion brand successfully, from the entire design through development process, including sampling and production.

One of the things I love most about how Tricia runs her studio is her dedication to designer’s successes. While many sample rooms or development houses will just take your money and do what you tell them (even if they know it’s a bad idea or won’t work), Tricia will give you her honest constructive advice to help you set up your fashion brand for success and sure you make the right decisions throughout the entire process. She also is completely transparent about her process, suppliers and the supply chain (she’ll help you source your fabric, but won’t keep that supplier a secret from you – whaaat? YES!).

Tricia shares tons of lessons she’s learned in her industry experience including when / why you want to source locally versus offshore, whether you should use stock or custom fabrics, and how to think about wholesale and retail pricing to set yourself up for success.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Different business models to gain success with your fashion brand
  • When and why you’d want to develop custom fabric vs working with stock materials
  • What the design to development process looks like
  • The importance of a tech pack whether you’re making 20 units or 20k units
  • The most important questions you need to ask your suppliers as a startup designer
  • Options for protecting your designs (and why you shouldn’t always worry about it)
  • How to think about scaling and planning for the future

For details and to RSVP to the LA meet & greet party with Tricia and me, click here.

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Set Up Your Fashion Brand

Set Up Your Fashion Brand

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