What to include in a freelance fashion designer contract

SFD107 What to Include in a Freelance Fashion Designer Contract

Do you really need a contract as a freelance fashion designer? What should your contract include? On this episode of the SFD Podcast, you’ll hear from small business attorney Andrea Sager on contracts, design ownership, payment disputes, and the best ways to protect yourself and your assets when you’re freelancing in fashion.

Disclaimer: All advice in this episode is general information, and may not be correct for your specific location and circumstances. Always consult with your own attorney on any and all legal matters.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • Whether you should file as a sole proprietorship or LLC;
  • When and why you need a contract as a freelance fashion designer;
  • How to protect yourself when you don’t have a contract;
  • Who owns your designs when you’re a freelancer, and why it matters;
  • What an NDA really means and whether you should sign one;
  • Payment terms and how to make sure you get paid;
  • Why using a contract won’t scare off your clients;
  • How to protect yourself when making referrals;
  • How much it all costs;
  • And more!

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Andrea Sager used to work for a big corporate firm, but she left when she realized that small business owners need and deserve quality legal advice just as much as huge companies, but needed that advice to be affordable. She now exclusively serves small businesses and freelancers, helping them protect themselves and navigate the tricky legal landscape!

Be smart as a freelance fashion designer

Especially when you’re first getting started as a freelancer, knowing what you need to do can be super overwhelming. But setting up your business and communicating with your clients the right way is so important in protecting you long-term!

If you’ve already been freelancing and you haven’t set up as an LLC or started using contracts, don’t panic! After you listen to the episode, pick one takeaway and take action! You don’t have to do everything at once. And you shouldn’t let these issues keep you from moving forward with your business.

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