What should my services be as a fashion freelancer?

SFF135 Fashion Freelancer Q&A: What should my services be? (The skills I have or what I LOVE?)

As a freelancer in fashion, should you offer the skills you already know how to do well, or learn new skills so you can do what you really love? Some aspiring freelancers get so stuck on this question that they end up doing neither (and putting off their freelance goals yet another year… or two… or ten!).

In this Fashion Freelancer Q&A, we tackle the services you should offer, how to offer a service you haven’t perfected yet, and why doing what you love is a recipe for freelance success.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • “Niche cookies”—freelancer Arin’s metaphor for deciding which services to offer
  • Strategies for adding new services
  • How being niche helps your freelance business grow
  • The potential for ongoing work in small niche markets
  • Not pricing yourself out of your niche as your rates go up
  • Why you haven’t found the right brands to work with
  • And more!

“Don’t wait until you’re an expert to get into the arena. It’s getting into the arena that makes you an expert.” -Sew Heidi

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About Arin

Arin is a product developer and designer for fashion and textiles, specializing in circular and more-sustainable design. Her love of empowering others through education and zeal to heal the broken parts of the industry intersect in her work as consultant and teacher. 

She has over six years of experience in the industry—both the creative side and the technical side—across the globe. She is part nerd, part artist, part technician—a triad that has composed a rich journey to work in pattern making and garment technology, mentoring emerging designers, and researching circular materials.

Alongside her work in fashion, you can find her drinking black coffee (always and forever), sprouting a balcony garden, and learning French (Bonjour!). Born in a small Ohio town, she now resides in Brussels.

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