What goes in a tech pack? Tutorial by {Sew Heidi}

What Goes in A Tech Pack?

I get a lot of questions from fashion designers about what you need to include in your tech pack (or spec sheet), how do you know when it’s complete, and how detailed you have to be. This video will walk you through everything you need to include.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Is there an industry standard for tech packs? 00:26
  • What the cover page of a tech pack should include. (00:48
  • How to track changes / revisions. 01:09
  • Where to put your tech sketches / details sketches. 01:27
  • When and why to include photos in your tech pack. 02:08
  • Do you need to include inside sketches? How much detail do I need to give the factory? 02:22
  • The simplest way to callout colorways in your tech pack. 03:15
  • Where to include full scale artwork (prints, repeating patterns, etc). 03:59
  • What is a BOM (Bill of Materials) and what do you need to include in it? 04:27
  • What is a fabric map and where does it go in your tech pack? 06:24
  • How to create a graded spec – and what is a POM (Point of Measure)? 07:05
  • What is tolerance in a graded spec? 09:00
  • One reason I don’t do tech packs in Illustrator. 09:44
  • How to track comments for samples / protos in your tech pack. 10:01

What Goes in a Tech Pack for Fashion Design: Free Tutorial & Tech Pack Template by {Sew Heidi}
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