How to Draw a Fashion Flat with Pleats in Illustrator Tutorial by {Sew Heidi}

Simple Hacks to Draw Pleats in Illustrator

Using the warp effect in Illustrator, it’s easy to draw a pleated fashion flat sketch from just one rectangle.

First, get the free AI file to follow along:

Next, watch the video and learn:

  • 01:25 How to create one pleat in Illustrator with a simple rectangle
  • 02:41 How to quickly duplicate your pleat shape with a keyboard shortcut
  • 03:57 How to convert your straight pleated panels into a pleated skirt fashion flat with one click
  • 05:17 How effects work and how to edit effects in Illustrator
  • 06:29 How to expand an effect in Illustrator to edit the paths (plus the pros & cons of this)
  • 07:22 How to draw a single knife pleat panel
  • 08:02 How to duplicate the knife pleat panels with keyboard shortcuts
  • 09:37 Why you have to group the pleats before applying the warp effect

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Simple Hacks to Draw Pleats in Illustrator


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