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Average and Join Points in Illustrator to Draw a Pocket Tutorial by {Sew Heidi}

Average & Join Points in Illustrator to Make a Pocket

When sketching symmetrically in Illustrator, you’ll save time if you know how to draw one half of a design and reflect it. In this short Illustrator video tutorial, we’ll use a pocket sketch with stitching for fashion flats.

You will learn:

    • How to draw symmetrical artwork by reflecting one side of it (00:19)
    • How to create a Guide in Illustrator (00:33)
    • How to turn on Smart Guides in Illustrator (00:41)
    • How to use the Reflect Tool in Illustrator (00:58)
    • How to Join two separate Anchor Points in AI (02:02)
    • What is the Join Tool? (02:18)
    • How to use the Average Tool (03:21)

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