How to Make a Lace Pattern Swatch in Illustrator + Photoshop Tutorial by {Sew Heidi}

How to Make a Lace Pattern in Illustrator (& Photoshop)

Using photoshop & Illustrator, we’ll create a see through / transparent lace repeating pattern swatch and apply it to our bra fashion flat sketch.

You will learn:

  • 00:37 How to crop one repeat of your lace pattern in Photoshop
  • 01:20 How to make sure the edges of your repeat tile will seam up smoothly
  • 02:11 How to fix the edges of your tile for a clean repeat with the Clone Stamp tool
  • 03:02 How to remove the white background from your lace swatch so it’s see through
  • 04:38 How to bring your lace from Photoshop into Illustrator
  • 05:08 How to turn your lace pattern into a repeating pattern swatch in Illustrator
  • 05:28 How to add multiple fills to one object (e.g. a solid color + the lace pattern on top)
  • 06:12 How to change the size of the lace pattern inside your fashion flat sketch


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