How to Make a Hangtag in Illustrator tutorial by {Sew Heidi}

How to Make A Hangtag in Illustrator (and Photoshop)

Fashion designers are expected to do a lot – and sometimes that includes designing and developing labels, hangtags and packaging. This tutorial will show you some cool Illustrator tricks (and a little photoshop) to help you create / mock up a hangtag for your badass designs.

You will learn:

  • 00:31 How to use Live Corners to round some or all of your hangtag corners
  • 02:07 How to create a hole in your hangtag (the right way) with the Shape Builder Tool
  • 04:54 How to mirror your hangtag shape to create a front and back view
  • 06:15 How to add a string to your hangtag
  • 07:56 How to create chamfer or beveled corners on your hangtag
  • 09:49 How to mock up a real piece of string or twine for your hangtag in Photoshop and use it in your Illustrator file
  • 12:46 Add a drop shadow to the hangtag string


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