How to Edit A Repeating Pattern Tile Tutorial {Sew Heidi}

How to Edit Edges of A Pattern Tile in Illustrator (plus other cool tricks)

Using a seamless repeating pattern design in Illustrator (with WAY too many anchor points), I’ll show you how to clean up the edges of the surface / textile pattern tile so the repeat edges aren’t so blunt.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video tutorial:

  • Tricks to make Illustrator run faster and speedup your workflow (2:50 / 3:25)
  • How to clean up blunt pattern edges so your pattern actually looks seamless (4:55 / 6:55)
  • How to use the Pencil Tool to edit pattern motifs and reshape objects (yes, you read that right, PENCIL, not PEN) (7:00)


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