How to Create Technical Fashion Flats in Illustrator

How to Create Technical Flat Sketches in Illustrator

Many designers use inefficient methods to create tech sketches in Illustrator. This tutorial will show you the quickest and most effective way to organize your files so they’re easy to edit, manage and maintain.

You will learn:

  • 00:34 The main tool you want to use to efficiently create tech sketches in Illustrator
  • 01:49 How to create a graphic style for arrowheads (for your callouts)
  • 02:48 The best way to add text to your fashion flat tech sketch (and how to troubleshoot text box errors)
  • 04:28 The quickest way to get your tech sketch from Illustrator into your spec sheet / tech pack in Excel
  • 06:33 How to efficiently add measurements to your tech sketch so they’re easy to update in your tech pack
  • 07:39 How to add colorways to your tech sketch file (and a quick trick to quickly create new colorways)
  • 09:20 Why using the layers panels to keep your entire tech sketch, callouts, measurements and every detail for your design in ONE single file is the best method


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