How to Create Specs for Repeating Textile Patterns Tutorial by {Sew Heidi}

How to Create Specs for Repeating Textile Patterns

A lot of the work I do is print/textile design based, so I’m constantly creating specs for artwork to send to factories.  Here is how to prepare artwork in Adobe Illustrator for a tech pack (for fashion or surface design) to make sure your design is executed accurately.

Many factories also love to get a printout of at least a portion of the artwork at full scale so nothing gets lost in translation. This gives them a physical reference to compare the print to and helps make sure everything is produced correctly.

When creating your repeating pattern specs, make sure your include the following:

  • How the pattern looks at full scale in the finished garment (this can be shown on a fashion flat sketch)
  • The measurement of the vertical and horizontal repeat of one pattern tile (*always send the native AI file of the finished artwork to your factory at actual size)
  • Color chips with Pantone codes for each of the colors used in the repeating pattern

{Sew Heidi} Creating Specs for Repeating Patterns

Want to create your own patterns?  Depending on what version of AI you are using, you can use the pattern tool or create them manually.


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