How to Group & Ungroup Objects in Illustrator (and why!) Tutorial by {Sew Heidi}

Grouping & Ungrouping Objects in Illustrator

Grouping is a great way to keep your artwork in Adobe Illustrator organized. This tutorial goes over the basics of grouping and ungrouping in the workspace, as well as how to work your way in and around grouped objects. It also demonstrates why grouping should be used with fashion flats and what some of the best practices are.

You will learn:

  • How to Group Objects (00:49)
  • How to Ungroup Objects (01:24)
  • How to create groups inside groups (01:39)
  • How to edit Objects within a Group (02:20)
  • How do I know I’m in Isolation Mode? (03:09)
  • How to navigate inside Isolation Mode (04:18)
  • How to get out of Isolation Mode (04:27)
  • Using the Direct Selection Tool to access Objects within a Group (04:50)
  • Why using groups in your artwork makes everything easier (5:59)
  • Why you have to use groups when aligning your artwork (07:57)
  • Why objects merge to the same layer when you group them (9:05)


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