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That Time I Made 2500 Pairs of See Through Leggings…

Like a big nerd, I’m going to tell you a quote my yoga teacher shared this week that really resonated with me. I know, I know, the most cliche statement ever. But this one really hit home – so I wanted to share with you.

“Discipline is the choice between what you want now, and what you want most.”

I consider myself pretty disciplined. But sometimes, I choose “now” over “most.”

Like the time I tore my hamstring but refused to take it easy. For 6 months that muscle screamed in every forward fold, but I kept going, not even bending my knee to compensate.

Because what I wanted “now”, right in that moment, was to practice and have beautiful forward folds, like this:

Someday, this will be me!

But when I realized what I want “most,” to practice yoga for the rest of my life, I knew I had to have the discipline to back off.

It’s easy to sacrifice what we want most for instant gratification now. But it’s not always smart.

And this goes for anything in life, not just exercise or your body.

I had a client who needed his leggings “NOW,” so we rushed them through production.

I’ll never forget the phone call I got late Friday night as I walked down 14th Street to dinner with my husband.

“Heidi, I’m having a literal freakout,” he said. “We just got production and the leggings are see through. My wife has them on right now, and when she bends over I can see her entire butt, underwear line, everything. I’m panicking, what do we do?!?”

Things looked a lot worse in a full forward fold…

We spent 3 months trying to resolve the problem. We bought 8 competitor leggings and did “bend over” tests in full sunlight.

My bum got photographed many times and was emailed to our customer and our vendors. (To this day, my husband still thinks it’s hysterical!)

We went through a slew of fabric tests, and never got the issue resolved. The mill claimed everything was within tolerance.

I still couldn’t help but think, what if we had the discipline to slow things down?

To do things right?

Because what we wanted “most” was an amazing pair of leggings that our client and his customers loved.

But what we had “now” was 2500 pairs of see through ones.

And that wasn’t worth anything.

It’s a lesson we’ll continue to learn over and over, sometimes the hard way.

So I’m trying really hard to remember this quote, so things like see through leggings and torn hamstrings don’t happen again.

Here it is one more time, for good measure:

“Discipline is the choice between what you want now, and what you want most.”

I’m working on some great new material for you guys.

And as much as I want to give it to you “now”, I’m trying damn hard to have the discipline to focus on what I want “most” – which is to deliver you the best possible content.

Sometimes that takes a little longer. And I’m finally feeling ok with that, thanks to my yoga teacher and the quote.

Now, your turn. What’s something you didn’t have discipline for and in hindsight, wished you would have? How can you do things differently next time? I love hearing your stories on Instagram!


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