Types of Fabric Dyeing

Want to learn more about dyeing terms in the apparel industry?  A few common ones are as follows:

  • Y/D (yarn dyed): When yarns are dyed prior to being knit or woven into fabric.
  • P/D (piece dyed): When fabric is dyed after it is knit or woven, but before being cut & sewn (C&S).
  • G/D (garment dyed): When the entire garment is dyed after being cut & sewn (C&S).
  • Dip Dyed: When a portion of a garment is dipped into dye to get a specific hombre type of effect.
  • DTM (dyed to match): An item that should be “dyed to match” another item.  For example, buttons are often DTM the body color of the garment, so you can specify “buttons DTM body”.  This holds true for many trims, like zipper tape, teeth, sliders and pulls.
{Sew Heidi} Terms Related to Dyeing in the Apparel Industry

Why would you want to use one versus the other?  Price and final appearance will probably make the decision for you.  Y/D can be more expensive than P/D and would more likely be used for multi colored woven items (like a plaid shirt).  G/D will also typically be more expensive than P/D as it is more labor to individually dye each garment than an entire bolt of fabric.  G/D is often used when a specific final appearance is desired, such as a more worn and washed look.

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