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How to Be a Fashion Designer without Going to School

Fashion school’s not for everyone. I didn’t go, and you don’t have to either. Tuition is expensive. Four years is a long time. Or maybe you feel like it’s just too late to go back to school. I’ll show you the exact steps you can follow (and what skills you don’t need to learn) to make it as a fashion designer without going to school.

How to Launch a Fashion Label: Part 2

Learn strategic industry insights about the secrets of making it big as a startup fashion designer. (Hint: all of this stuff can easily be implemented in your own business to get success and grow!)

How to Start a Clothing Line (with no experience)

In a competitive and brutal industry like fashion, you know that designers can be very tight lipped about their ways. In this candid interview, Rochelle tells all with specific tactics, strategies and actions she took (these are all things you can do too!) to get her company off the ground and build it up to the successful brand that it is today.

How I Became A Fashion Designer while Working A Full Time Job (in an unrelated field)

Graduating from a 4-year private school and landing a job as a receptionist is not something you dream about when you’re a kid. No, you dream about things like being a fashion designer. This is the story about how I made that dream come true.

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