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SFD100 To Reach Your Goals in Fashion (and Life!), Just Do ANYTHING

People tend to talk about success like there‚Äôs some magic formula for achieving it. But the truth is that success in your fashion career, just like anything in life, can be achieved in as many different ways as there are kinds of fabric. And the real secret is that, to reach your goals, the next […]

Important Show Updates (and what they mean for you)

As we near the one year anniversary for the show (WOW! Thank you for all your support to help us get this far!), I have some important updates about the podcast that affect you. In this short episode, learn about: the new bi-weekly publishing schedule how you can get your fashion industry questions answered in […]

SFD034: Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! Today, it’s just Heidi here wishing you a happy and safe holiday! We’ll be back next week with a brand new episode – talk to you then.

SFD033: 2017 Review + 2018 Preview

Just Heidi on the show today, and I’m going through a review of 2017. This was a big year of change and growth for me and the business, so I figured what better time to share it with you than on the last episode of the year (which happens to be Christmas day – Merry […]

SFD032: BEST OF 2017

It’s almost the end of the year, and to celebrate how far the show has come in just 6 short months (thanks to you for all the support!), I put together a Best Of episode to feature some of my favorite clips. Now, this was no easy task. I re-listened to a ton of tracks and […]

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