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How to Take Body Measurements (on a Model or Dress Form)

Learn how to take body measurements on a model or dress form using my step-by-step guide – including a list of POMs and tips to get accurate measurements.

What is a Strike-off in Fashion? (And Do I Need One?)

Discover the role of a strike-off in the fashion design development process, including a checklist to review and approve them! (Hint: you DO need one!)

6 Most Common Fabric Printing Methods in the Fashion Industry

Learn about the 6 most common fabric printing methods, their uses, pros and cons, and why they’re essential for designers in the fashion industry.

What is a Technical Sketch in Fashion Design?

Learn how technical sketches are used in the fashion industry, what they are and how to draw them, step-by-step with my free tutorial guide.

Quality Control in Garment Manufacturing: How It Works

What’s quality control in garment manufacturing, and how does the whole process work? Learn the different methods, standards, benefits and challenges.

How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer: Step-by-Step Guide (with free sourcing sheet)

Learn how to find a clothing manufacturer, what questions to ask, and red flags to look out for. Plus, download the FREE manufacturer sourcing evaluation sheet to make sure they’re the right one!

FREE How to Measure Guide: Templates for Apparel & Garment Manufacturing

Download my free, customizable How to Measure Guide Templates for apparel production. Great for technical designers & fashion designers whether you’re freelancing or starting a clothing line.

The Ultimate Guide to Clothing Care Labels (with free customizable template)

Step-by-step guide to clothing care labels. Create yours using my free, customizable clothing care label template. Complete with symbols and guides!

Common Construction Defects in Garments (and how to prevent them in manufacturing)

Discover how to identify and prevent construction defects in garments. Learn how to avoid them in bulk production and ensure garment quality.

The Production Process in Garment Manufacturing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn the garment production process step by step to create clothes from design to delivery. Snag my FREE production timeline template to keep manufacturing on track!

Common Garment Fabric Defects in the Fashion Industry (and how to prevent them in production)

Discover how to identify and prevent fabric defects in garments. Learn how to avoid them in bulk production to ensure garment quality.

Creating a How to Measure Guide for Your Fashion Manufacturer (with a free sample guide!)

Learn how to create a comprehensive How to Measure Guide for your fashion manufacturer. Enhance communication, ensure quality control, and improve your production process with this essential guide.

How to Review a Garment Sample: Step-by-Step Checklist

An important part of the fashion design process is reviewing the garment sample. Learn the steps needed to ensure proper garment samples are made.

12 Types of Garment Samples During Apparel Production (which ones do you need?)

What types of garment samples are used during the apparel production process? And which ones do you actually need? Here’s a list.

SFD109 How to Get Your Clothing Line into Production with The Chicago Patternmaker

If you want to see your garments and accessories in the hands of more than just a few customers, you need to understand how to get your fashion designs into production. On this episode of the Successful Fashion Designer podcast, patternmaker and designer Xochil Herrera Scheer of The Chicago Patternmaker draws on over a decade of experience to share what she’s learned about factories, production, and bringing your designs to life!

Traveling Overseas to Fashion Factories… I Almost Had a Full Blown Panic Attack

Imagine the stereotypical life of a fashion designer: frolicking in fabric, sketching beautiful designs, and traveling overseas to fashion factories. Truth is, a lot of us don’t do any of this. We spend our days in Illustrator, Excel and writing emails. And for me, after almost a decade in the industry, I’d never had the opportunity […]

Interview with Successful Fashion Designer Rochelle Behrens

Last year I interviewed successful fashion entrepreneur Rochelle Behrens. When the two of us sat down to talk…things got real. Rochelle is one of the most genuine and candid people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and knowing. Before the interview started, I humbly asked her to share it all, to teach and tell […]

The Ultimate Guide to Fashion Design Industry Terminology & Abbreviations

The fashion industry is intimidating. And if you don’t know the right technical terms, you can embarrass yourself. Maybe you’ve found yourself in acronym and terminology overload…tech pack, BOM, graded spec, block, CF, HPS, DNTS. What do all these words mean…and do you need to know all of them? It can feel overwhelming. Which is […]

The Future of Fashion: The Gap Between Education & Real World Skills

Last week I sat down with American Fashion Podcast…and I threw fashion schools under the bus. Joining me were Bemis and Manufacture NY to discuss the the challenges designers face when they’re not sufficiently trained in the classroom. Listen now…

Technical Fashion Flats in Illustrator: A More Artistic Approach

When sketching flats and designing in Illustrator, we put our best foot forward to do top notch work and make awesome presentations.  But it’s easy to lose the “design appeal” when it comes to technical flat sketches. If you’re preparing for a big presentation and really want to wow your client (or boss!), here are some tricks you can […]

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