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I’m struggling to find balance and feeling distracted

I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but keep getting distracted. By a yard full of weeds. Walls full of nail holes. Broken windows and fence gates. Distracted by grilling under the summer sky with a beer in hand (yum!). Picking new paint colors for our home office (fun!). Finding a reliable handyman to fix […]

How to Launch a Fashion Label: Part 2

Learn strategic industry insights about the secrets of making it big as a startup fashion designer. (Hint: all of this stuff can easily be implemented in your own business to get success and grow!)

Why You Should Live in NYC (at least once in your life)

New York freaking City. Yes, life is more stressful here, more expensive here, and just plain harder here, but nothing compares to living in this crazy place. Here are some reasons you should figure out a way to live here at least once in your life.

How I Made it as A Fashion Designer…Even Though I Can’t Draw

You don’t have to know how to draw to be a fashion designer. But you do need to know how to use Illustrator. Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how.

How One Designer Discovered the Missing Link to Land Her Dream Fashion Job (and how you can too)

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re just missing something? And you keep thinking that if you just put your mind to it, you’ll figure it out? Sometimes it’s something so small – you’re missing just one little thing. One step of the process, one setting that needs to be changed, one Teeny. Tiny. Thing. It’s a pretty frustrating […]

How to Start a Clothing Line (with no experience)

In a competitive and brutal industry like fashion, you know that designers can be very tight lipped about their ways. In this candid interview, Rochelle tells all with specific tactics, strategies and actions she took (these are all things you can do too!) to get her company off the ground and build it up to the successful brand that it is today.

How My Shoe Obsession Made Me Dominate the Pen Tool

A shoe obsession can do a lot of things. It can drain your wallet. It can make your feet scream in pain because, “damn these shoes are freaking cute but man are they uncomfortable.” But the most random for me was how it made me LOVE the Pen Tool.

How I Became A Fashion Designer while Working A Full Time Job (in an unrelated field)

Graduating from a 4-year private school and landing a job as a receptionist is not something you dream about when you’re a kid. No, you dream about things like being a fashion designer. This is the story about how I made that dream come true.

At First I Was Embarrassed. And Then I Got over It.

We’ve all looked back on products, projects or designs that we were proud of at launch time but now make us terribly embarrassed. This is my story…and for the first time I’m publicly opening up about some stuff that I can’t believe I released.

How Adobe Illustrator Will Change Your (Fashion) Design World

Wondering what Illustrator is used for and how it is applicable to the fashion design world? This post goes through a quick overview of how and why Adobe Illustrator is the most popular software for the fashion design industry.

Banana Republic Instagram Ad: The Reality of Fashion Design

I’d argue that there are more fashion designers out there who work exclusively or mostly on the computer than there are those or sketch by hand and create nicely illustrated fully colored designs with pen and paper. Do you agree?


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