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Give 2017 a swift kick in the *$$…start now with a free AI training this Thursday

If you’re intimidated by Illustrator or feel completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start, this free live workshop is for you.

Building Good Habits Now Will Pay Off Later

I’m not going on a diatribe about making habits. Or tell you it takes 21 days to make a good one or break a bad one. But you should know that starting with a foundation of good habits in Illustrator will pay off ten fold in the long run. And the Illustrator video tutorial I just released […]

It’s normal to feel nervous, but Illustrator shouldn’t make you panic

I know what anxiety and panic feel like. These are normal emotions that we all experience. And there are times when they’re justified. But there are times when you don’t have to feel this way. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any chance I can to avoid these emotions. Because let’s be honest…anxiety and panic aren’t fun. When […]

Easily Sketch Pleats on Your Fashion Flats

Drawing pleats on your fashion flats may seem tricky, but with a few secret tricks, it’s super easy. Learn how to quickly emulate pleats in Illustrator using simple tools…so you never have to draw this detail by hand again.

What Goes in a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is the blueprint to get your garment manufactured…which sounds simple enough until you sit down and try to put it all together. The amount of details you need to spec become overwhelming. How much info is enough? Should you create it in Illustrator? Where do you put certain things? To start, let’s look at […]

3 AI tutorials to help you stop *bleeping* screaming at your computer right now

Illustrator makes you frustrated that you’re missing something. As soon as you feel the tiniest bit “comfortable” with the program, some other issue pops up. Here are 3 of my favorite tuts to help you gain more confidence and get ahead.

How to Work Faster in Illustrator

One of the simplest ways to work faster in Illustrator is by cleaning up your workspace. It’s not glamorous and it’s not brag worthy (you probably won’t be saying “oh, look what I can do!”). But it’s a super easy way to increase your efficiency, and the best part is that it’ll take you just 5 […]

So, You Want to Sketch Beautiful Fashion Flats in Illustrator? Watch this Video First.

I hear things like this all the time: “I just want to sketch flats that look like real garments instead of circles and squares.” “I can sketch by hand really well, but always fight to create stylized flats in Illustrator.” “I really want my flats to look more relaxed and not so technical!” Well, guess what?! Adding some […]

How I Made it as A Fashion Designer…Even Though I Can’t Draw

You don’t have to know how to draw to be a fashion designer. But you do need to know how to use Illustrator. Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how.

Distressed & Faded Denim Effect in Illustrator

If you’re frustrated that your fashion sketches look too flat, these simple techniques will help you add distress, fading and texture to bring more life to your designs. You can easily apply them to denim or any other fabrics.

My Illustrator File Has Too Many Anchor Points

In this video I’ll show you some super secret tricks to make Illustrator run faster plus some shortcuts for reshaping paths with the Pencil Tool and tips for editing repeating patterns.

These Custom Leggings I Designed Are The Bomb(sheller)

Get a sneak peak behind the scenes of my design process and learn some Illustrator tricks to quickly create multiple colorways. I’ll show you my top secret shortcuts that most advanced designers I work with don’t even know about (don’t worry – they’re easy to learn even if you’re a beginner!).

The 20 Best Illustrator (& Photoshop) Repeating Pattern Tutorials

Learn how to create seamless repeats, edit pattern size and direction plus more awesome tricks for surface design with Illustrator.

Creating Pleats in Illustrator: Simple Tricks

Don’t draw pleats manually, one line at a time – instead, use these simple tricks to quickly and accurately emulate pleats in your fashion sketches in Illustrator.

Add Thick Outlines to Fashion Sketches in Illustrator

In less than one minute, this simple trick will allow you to add a thick outline to your fashion flat sketches in Adobe Illustrator, giving them more dimension and depth.

How Adobe Illustrator Will Change Your (Fashion) Design World

Wondering what Illustrator is used for and how it is applicable to the fashion design world? This post goes through a quick overview of how and why Adobe Illustrator is the most popular software for the fashion design industry.

Create Complex Objects with Simple Shapes in Illustrator

It’s amazing what you can do in Illustrator when you break down the object into simple shapes. In this example, we’ll start with 4 basic shapes and use the Shape Builder Tool to create a complex belt buckle.

Banana Republic Instagram Ad: The Reality of Fashion Design

I’d argue that there are more fashion designers out there who work exclusively or mostly on the computer than there are those or sketch by hand and create nicely illustrated fully colored designs with pen and paper. Do you agree?

Fashion Flat Sketching Made Easy with the Join Tool in Illustrator

I couldn’t be more excited about the release of Illustrator’s new Join Tool in the latest CC 2014 update (version 18.1.0)!  This is an essential tool for drawing fashion flats since often we draw half of the garment, reflect and copy it, and then join the anchor points down the middle. This tool takes the work out […]

Technical Fashion Flats in Illustrator: A More Artistic Approach

When sketching flats and designing in Illustrator, we put our best foot forward to do top notch work and make awesome presentations.  But it’s easy to lose the “design appeal” when it comes to technical flat sketches. If you’re preparing for a big presentation and really want to wow your client (or boss!), here are some tricks you can […]

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