SFD069 Launching a Sustainable Fashion Brand and Manufacturing in Bali

SFD069 Launching a Sustainable Fashion Brand and Manufacturing in Bali

Do you want to create a sustainable fashion brand… but feel like you’re on the outside edge of what is going on in the fashion world? It can feel as though no one will ever give you the answers to your questions or share their inside information or tips.

Well… good news, this isn’t permanent. There are many ways to get the information and help you need to create your sustainable fashion brand. But it’s probably not from the people or places you have been looking.

Hearing Eva’s story will give you a brand new outlook. It will change the way you look at your materials, products and production. She shares how her journey took a turn for the better and how she found an easier, much more inclusive environment to have her garments made and how she kept to her goal of including community into her sustainable fashion brand.

In the interview (which you’ll love) we cover:

  • Why knowing what you want to do from the age 16 doesn’t always land you in the right college
  • How to make your college courses work for you
  • How working with startup and indie brands created a base knowledge for her future work
  • Why it’s important to have a photographer who already knows the model agency
  • How creating a profile on Model Mayhem led to her first shoot getting published
  • Why she decided to start making her own clothing
  • How she found her dream tailor in Bali
  • What deadstock fabrics are
  • How she uses studio sales to learn from her customers

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Eva Sheridan is the founder of her sustainable fashion brand EnoBlack. Her fashion brand encompasses her passion for sustainability and community into one beautiful package. Offering people well designed, custom sizing and quality, unique fabrics she gives her customer an experience like no other brand can.

Like you, Eva started the line with no industry experience.

It all started in 2000 at Stanford University (with isn’t know for its fashion education) where she molded her degree to fit her career aspirations. A few years later, and she decided to start piecing together this dream she had of creating her own sustainable line. She quickly found this discouraging, no one in the States was willing to share their insights or tips with other designers.

Everything soon changed on her honeymoon trip to bali.

In Bali,  she meet the perfect tailor who was willing to small batch one of her designs. She brought these dresses home and a couple extra intended to be gifts for friends. She soon had none left for herself, her friends bought up all of her dresses! So she returned to Bali to meet with her tailor again and see how she could build this relationship, and grow her brand.

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