Fashion Startup Advice: 6 Steps to Start a Fashion Line that Sells

SFD076 Six Steps to Starting a Fashion Line that Sells

Designing and starting a fashion line is exhilarating and inspiring and something most of us want to jump right into. Starting a fashion line that sells is something completely different–but it’s something you can do.

Robyn and I are BACK with a podlet that sums up six easy steps to starting a fashion line that sells. The Successful Fashion Designer podcast has been going for 75(!) episodes, and after interviewing as many talented, business-savvy fashion designers as I have, Robyn and I noticed that many of them had similar advice when it came to designing a fashion line that sells.

We went back through and extracted the golden advice nuggets from their episodes and distilled it down for you here–it’s great advice for everyone that wants to start a fashion line the right way.

In the interview (which you’ll love) we cover:

  • Finding and owning your niche to create a fashion line that sells
  • How NOT to design for everybody (seriously!)
  • Solving your own problems by facing and overcoming the fashion challenges that you have
  • Doing RESEARCH on other fashion lines
  • Actually going to where your customer is hanging out to do MORE research
  • Testing, testing, and testing some more–getting feedback on your samples
  • Engaging and asking your customer for feedback during the design + development process
  • Asking open-ended questions to get more information from your customers
  • And so much more!

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