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Fashion Freelancer Q & A: What if brands think I'm an idiot?

SFF130 Fashion Freelancer Q&A: What if brands think I’m an idiot?

May 24, 2021

Sometimes the thing you think you’re stuck on is just a distraction from what’s really holding you back. In this Fashion Freelancer Q&A, technical designer Jaylene asks where to find freelance clients. But over the course of the conversation, she realizes that it’s not finding the brands that’s most challenging, but putting herself out there to pitch her services.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we’ll cover:

  • Different ways to find brands in your niche
  • What to do if social media isn’t your thing
  • Which email address is the right one when contacting brands
  • Where to look for trade shows for your research
  • Overcoming your fears so you can pursue your freelance goals
  • And more!

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Resources & People Mentioned

  • Free resources for Podcast listeners!
  • All the deets on the change from Successful Fashion Designer to Successful Fashion Freelancer
  • to find email addresses
  • Email Jaylene at macfarlanekilts [at]

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