How this designer freelanced while starting her fashion brand

SFF129 How this designer freelanced while starting her fashion brand

Launching a fashion brand is expensive. And many designers who dream of having their own brand find themselves stuck in this dilemma: You need to work to support yourself while you’re starting your brand. But a full time job hardly leaves any time to work on your line! In this interview, Atlanta-based sustainable designer Christina Yother shares how she launched and funded her fashion brand while working full time, freelancing, and navigating the effects of the pandemic on the fashion industry!

In the interview (which you’ll love), we’ll cover:

  • The experience that gave Christina the confidence to launch her brand
  • How she balanced the early days of her brand with her full time job
  • What Christina started doing years ahead of time that made a huge difference in her launch
  • Her experience launching on kickstarter
  • When she quit her full time job
  • The skill that has landed her the most freelance work to support her new brand
  • What she learned from her first factory fail
  • And more!

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Sustainable designer Christina Yother

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