How to be a remote freelance patternmaker

SFF134 How to Be a Remote Freelance Patternmaker

Freelance patternmaker Alexandra doesn’t have a fashion degree, and she doesn’t live in a fashion hub. Yet with only a couple years of experience, she is now making more in one day as a freelancer than she made in two weeks at her old full-time job. Better yet, she loves the freedom to make her own schedule, choose the best projects for her goals, and actually have a life–all while still working in fashion.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • How Alexandra landed her full-time fashion job without a degree
  • The crazy demands of in-house fashion jobs
  • What inspired her to take the leap to freelancing
  • Why she turned down a good freelance opportunity–and what she got to do instead
  • How she’s making more $$ in one day than in nearly two WEEKS at her old job
  • And more!

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About Alexandra

Alexandra Agreda is a freelance Pattern Maker that uses 3D CAD to make a fast, sustainable development process for small to mid-size clothing brands. Despite not finishing her art school fashion degree, and taking a 5 year break from even touching a sewing machine, she was always inspired by the art of construction and problem solving. Since moving to Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, Alex has designed and pattern drafted 2 collections for a small brand and is now fully freelance, helping her clients’ designs come to life.

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