SFD097 How to Become a Fashion Freelancer (and work remote)

Guests on the SFD podcast tend to fall into one of three categories: They’re employed by a company in the industry, they work as a fashion freelancer, or they’ve launched their own brand. In this episode, you’ll hear from someone who has done all three! If you’re wondering how to become a remote fashion freelancer, this episode is for you.

Meet Lily Rice. She’s a UK designer with a passion for women’s performance sportswear. During her ten years in the industry, Lily has worked for major sportswear brands (Nike, anyone?); launched and run her own successful brand, Lexie Sport; and now works full-time with large and small brands as a freelance fashion designer.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • How Lily’s super specific degree helped her strong start in the industry
  • What it was like designing collections for factories in Sri Lanka
  • Her experience with the value of really knowing your niche and your customer
  • The unique way she moved from working for a company to starting her brand
  • How Lily managed to get her designs featured in major publications like Vogue–without hiring a PR company
  • Why she decided to shut down a successful brand and become a remote fashion freelancer
  • How she got started freelancing–and what she would do differently now
  • What Lily says was a major factor in her freelance success
  • How she stays busy despite not living in a major city
  • What she’s learned about pricing, getting clients, and the tricky waters of navigating freelance projects
  • And more!

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Can YOU Become a Remote Fashion Freelancer?

Lily’s journey has taken some unique twists and turns. But the valuable lessons she’s learned from her diverse experience in the industry can be applied by anyone!

If you’re looking for more resources to make YOUR freelancing dreams a reality, drop your info below to grab the Ultimate Guide to Being a Freelance Fashion Designer, absolutely free.

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