Add Thick Outlines to Fashion Sketches in Illustrator

This video tutorial will show you how to add a thick outline around the edge of your digital fashion sketches or flats in Adobe Illustrator in a few clicks. If this is something you’ve been doing manually by drawing a new shape around the edges (like I’ve seen many designers do), you’re wasting SO much time!

So, stop that right now and watch the 3 minute video below…you’ll save more time than that with just one sketch.

Using the Appearance panel, you’ll learn how to add a new stroke to the entire sketch and change the order of the layers so the outline only goes around the perimeter of your sketch. It works like magic and you’ll wonder why no one ever showed you this trick before.

Video Outline:

  • The one thing you must do to make sure this trick works (0:40)
  • How to use the Appearance Panel to add the thick stroke (0:51)
  • How to soften sharp corners around the edge of your flat (1:50)
  • How to create a Graphic Style for the thick outline so you can use it on any sketch with one click (2:06)

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