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SFD047: Why Choose a Career as a Pattern Maker (instead of a fashion designer)

When most people think about working in fashion, all they think about is being a designer. But did you know there are a lot of other really cool jobs out there in fashion? And a lot of the time, these jobs are less competitive than being a designer (but still as creative and fun!).

Aileen Coyle is a perfect example of someone who decided to explore opportunities outside of “designer”. She now works as a pattern maker in LA. At first, she was set on being a designer to use her creativity. But after getting her feet wet as a pattern maker, she realized it was just as creative and that she really loved it.

In the interview, Aileen and I discuss:

  • Why she loves her pattern maker career more than being a designer
  • How her German education set her up for success (hint: their system is really different than the US)
  • Why she keeps in touch with past coworkers, bosses and industry friends (hint: it’s how she’s found most of her jobs)
  • What she didn’t love about working in fast fashion
  • How she’s grown her career and worked her way up in the industry by networking
  • The different job opportunities and responsibilities for pattern makers

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