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How to Draw Ruffles, Ruching & Gathers in Illustrator with a Brush

In Illustrator, it’s easy to emulate ruffles, ruching, elastic and gathering with brushes.  This is by far one of the more underutilized brushes I see, finding that most fashion designers draw ruffles manually one by one.    This tutorial will go through a few different techniques to easily create a basic ruffle brush to use […]

How to Draw a T-Shirt in Illustrator (the right way)

I discovered a flat sketch of a t-shirt in the Adobe Illustrator application folder…and when I opened it, I was pretty unimpressed with how the fashion sketch was drawn and assembled. Simply put, the quality was subpar for Adobe’s high standards. In this step by step video tutorial, I’ll show you how to use some best practices to draw […]

How to Edit Paths, Curves & Handles in Illustrator

If Illustrator’s Pen Tool has ever made you scream at your computer, you’re not the only one… This step by step video tutorial will show you how to use some of the more advanced Pen Tool features to control handles, anchor points and paths when you’re sketching fashion flats in Adobe Illustrator. EDIT: Use the technique […]

How to Create Specs for Repeating Textile Patterns

A lot of the work I do is print/textile design based, so I’m constantly creating specs for artwork to send to factories.  Here is how to prepare artwork in Adobe Illustrator for a tech pack (for fashion or surface design) to make sure your design is executed accurately. Many factories also love to get a printout of at least […]

How to Load Brushes, Swatches, Styles & Symbol Libraries in Every Illustrator File

You may already know how to save custom libraries for things like swatches, symbols and brushes to use over and over again in your Adobe Illustrator workspace.  But did you know you can create a master template file with these libraries so you don’t have to reload libraries each time you work in AI? If you sketch tons of […]

How to Easily Curve Lines (Paths) in Illustrator

It can be very frustrating to sketch fashion flats in Illustrator with the Pen Tool. And if you’ve ever said “I just don’t know what weird thing it’s going to do next” when you’re sketching, you’re not alone. In this step by step video tutorial, we’ll explore Illustrator’s Reshape Tool and how you can use to […]

How to Draw Stitching & Seam Allowance in Illustrator (accurately!)

Using Illustrator’s offset path feature allows you to do exactly that – create new paths that are offset from existing paths.  These are great shortctus for drawing stitches (dashed lines) along the edge of seam lines on fashion flats, appliqué, patches and more.  In the tutorial below, I’ll show you how to add stitching to straps on a bag tech sketch. […]

How to Break Apart Patterns in Illustrator

With tons of resources for grabbing free vector patterns online, you may want to use some of the motifs from the patterns in your artwork.  This tutorial uses a free repeating pattern from Vecteezy and a grunge texture from the same site to create a placed print for use on fashion flats. Watch the full video […]

How to Align Objects in Illustrator

I’ve always thought that the align icons in Illustrator are a good visual…BUT my students tell me otherwise.  Designers get confused by the icons and how to know which align to choose, yet it’s such an essential tool for fashion flats. One of my students made this brilliant comparison: “It’s like the paragraph alignment in Word!”  WOW!  What an observation, […]

How to Spec a Garment in Illustrator

After working with too many companies that I felt did it wrong, I created a very organized and efficient way to spec my fashion flats in Illustrator that I’ve used for many years now.  For me, it’s proven to be the best method – perhaps it will work for you as is, or you can adjust to […]

Distressed & Faded Denim Effect in Adobe Illustrator

With a few simple tricks and shortcuts, it’s easy to add a sandblasted, distressed, or faded look to your denim fashion flat sketches in Illustrator. In this video tutorial, I’ll show you step by step how to add these textures and change a few settings so they look realistic on your fashion flat illustration. These […]

How to Create a Denim Texture Swatch in Illustrator & Photoshop

It’s super easy to create texture swatches in Photoshop and then bring them into Illustrator to fill your fashion flat sketches. This step by step video tutorial will show you how to: Crop the texture in Photoshop (0:24) Bring a raster object into Illustrator (0:59) Turn the texture into a seamless repeating pattern swatch (1:14) Fill […]

How to Warp Repeating Patterns in Illustrator

If you fill your fashion flats with textile patterns, the result may not be what you want. The pattern will look very flat and straight, and not realistic at all. This video tutorial will show you how to bend and curve the pattern inside your fashion sketch so that it looks more natural on the sketch. In the […]

Using Live Corners in Illustrator (new to CC)

In Adobe Illustrator CC it’s really easy to create round, bevel or chamfer corners on your shapes with the new Live Corners feature. It’s a great trick to edit motifs for surface design or soften corners on fashion flats. This tutorial will show you how to edit corners individually or on the entire shape. You will learn: Why the new Live Corners is more powerful […]

Convert a Hand Drawn Sketch to Vector using Live Trace

Live trace is almost like a magic button that turns hand drawn or raster/pixel based artwork into vector artwork. Learn the basics of using this feature as well as the pros and cons.

Color a Black & White Illustration Quickly with Live Paint

Working with Live Paint, you can fill an illustration with color in a matter of seconds. Learn the various settings to work with and control this feature in greater detail.

Ruching, Ruffles & Puckering with Pattern Brushes

Pattern brushes are an amazing feature in Illustrator and their use will make many tasks easier and more efficient. Learn how to make a very simple one to draw ruching and puckering.

Create a Zipper Tooth Pattern Brush

Make your own pattern brushes from scratch and use over and over again in your artwork. Great for zippers, decorative stitching, and more.

Align & Distribute Objects in Illustrator

Taking advantage of the control available when aligning and distributing objects in Illustrator can save you a lot of time. Learn align and distribution tricks including definition of key objects.

Average & Join Points in Illustrator to Make a Pocket

Excess anchor points in Illustrator are frustrating. Learn how to average, join and minimize anchor points.


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