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How to Create Space Dye Fabric Texture Patterns in Illustrator

Simple repeating textile or surface design patterns like stripes and polka dots are quick and easy to make in Adobe Illustrator, but textures like heathers, melange and space dyes can be more challenging. In this step by step Illustrator video tutorial, we’ll cover: How to convert a scan or image to vector using Image Trace […]

How to Break Apart Patterns in Illustrator

With tons of resources for grabbing free vector patterns online, you may want to use some of the motifs from the patterns in your artwork.  This tutorial uses a free repeating pattern from Vecteezy and a grunge texture from the same site to create a placed print for use on fashion flats. Watch the full video […]

Manipulate Direction and Scale of Patterns in Illustrator

Need a bias waistband or a smaller scale of your print? No need to create a whole new pattern, just learn how to manipulate the directionality and scale super quickly and easily!

Extract One Pattern Tile from a Pattern in Illustrator

Pull one perfect pattern tile from your repeating patterns in Adobe Illustrator; great for sending to printers & manufacturers!

Quilted Down Effect Using Brushes & Patterns in Illustrator

Tutorial video plus a vector download including a fashion flat, pattern brush & repeating pattern for quilting.

Maintaining Manageable File Sizes with Raster Images in Illustrator

Working with Photoshop & Illustrator, this quick video will give you some tips on bringing scanned (raster/pixel based) artwork into Illustrator to create a repeating pattern using best practices to maintain manageable file sizes.

How to Create Lace Trim in Illustrator

With a few simple tricks, you can mock up realistic lace trim in Illustrator (and a bit of Photoshop). Bonus trick? You can even change the color of your lace (even though it’s a photo) directly in Illustrator. Not what you wanted? Here’s how to create a lace repeating pattern swatch. In this tutorial, you […]

How to Draw A Shoe Fashion Flat in Illustrator

Since it’s asymmetrical, it can be hard to wrap your head around sketching a shoe in AI. In this video tutorial, I’ll show you the exact steps to draw a shoe using lesser known tools and features in Adobe Illustrator. You will learn: 02:25 How to create round corners using the Live Corners feature (Corner […]

What Goes in A Tech Pack?

I get a lot of questions from fashion designers about what you need to include in your tech pack (or spec sheet), how do you know when it’s complete, and how detailed you have to be. This video will walk you through everything you need to include. In this video, you will learn: Is there […]

Change Color Fashion Flats to Black and White in Illustrator

We design in color, but we need a black and white sketch to create tech packs and spec sheets. This one quick trick will show you how to easily convert color sketches (or any other artwork) to black and white in a few clicks. You will learn: 00:24 How to change solid color positions to […]

Why Should I Use Brushes in Illustrator?

Before learning how to make pattern brushes, it’s good to understand exactly what they are and why/when to use them.  Pattern brushes are a very powerful feature in Illustrator and offer many benefits: Improve file organization Speed up work flow Decrease time for editing/changing details Simply put, Pattern Brushes are repeating pattern tiles along a […]

How to Create a Denim Texture Swatch in Illustrator & Photoshop

It’s super easy to create texture swatches in Photoshop and then bring them into Illustrator to fill your fashion flat sketches. This step by step video tutorial will show you how to: Crop the texture in Photoshop (0:24) Bring a raster object into Illustrator (0:59) Turn the texture into a seamless repeating pattern swatch (1:14) Fill […]

Twill Plaids Using Illustrator & Photoshop

Learn how to create twill plaids using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop.

Blend Colors in Adobe Illustrator (Without Using Gradients)

Use the blend tool not only to blend shapes, but to blend colors. A great way to create mid-tones for prints and patterns.

Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts for Fashion Drawing (with animated GIFs!)

Drawing fashion flats and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator is an essential skill for working in the industry. But sometimes you want to scream at your computer because it feels like everything takes FOREVER! My guess? Is that you just don’t know the right AI shortcuts for fashion. Cut your design time in HALF with these […]

Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts for your Workspace (with animated GIFs!)

If you work in fashion, you spend a lot of time in Adobe Illustrator. And the worst feeling is to feel like everything takes FOREVER! My best is that you’re doing things the roundabout way and don’t know the right AI shortcuts for fashion. Learning these simple tricks will save you HOURS each week (and […]

How to Spec Cut & Sew Panels on Your Garment

It’s critical to provide your factory with actual life size scale measurements for artwork, cut and sew panels, or seam lines on your fashion designs. Using both Illustrator and real life garments, learn how to mock this up and create specs to make sure your samples come in correctly – the first time. YOU WILL […]


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