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Illustrator Shading Tutorial: Make Your Fashion Drawings 3D with Folds and Shadows

Shading and shadows make your fashion drawings STAND OUT! But it can be a fight to do this in Illustrator and make your drawings look more 3D. Chances are? It’s because you don’t know the simple tricks to do this! In this tutorial, you will learn: How to draw organic shapes for shading and shadows […]

How to Spec a Garment for Your Fashion Tech Pack

How do you know what POMs (points of measure) to include in your spec sheet? How do you figure out where to put them? Luckily, someone made a book for us! The Spec Manual by Michele Wesen Bryant and Diane DeMers is the best (and only one that I know of) reference book you can […]

How to Create Technical Flat Sketches in Illustrator

Many designers use inefficient methods to create tech sketches in Illustrator. This tutorial will show you the quickest and most effective way to organize your files so they’re easy to edit, manage and maintain. You will learn: 00:34 The main tool you want to use to efficiently create tech sketches in Illustrator 01:49 How to […]

How to Add Arrow Callouts to your Fashion Tech Sketch in Adobe Illustrator

After you sketch your fashion flats, you need to turn them into tech sketches to spec out all the details. In this video tutorial, we’ll use the Graphic Styles feature in Adobe Illustrator to create custom arrowheads for all the construction and detail callouts in your design. I’ll also show you how to save these […]

How to Make Your Fashion Sketches in Illustrator More Beautiful

This tutorial covers 3 easy shortcuts (less than 1 minute each) to add more life, hand drawn aesthetic and beauty to your fashion flat sketches in Adobe Illustrator. You can easily add these details to your existing designs as well as start a new habit of doing this for all of your new ones. 1. Add A […]

How To Make a Thick Outline Around Your Fashion Sketch in Illustrator

This video tutorial will show you how to add a thick outline around the edge of your fashion flats in Adobe Illustrator in a few clicks. If this is something you’ve been doing manually by drawing a new shape around the edges (like I’ve seen many designers do), you’re wasting SO much time! So, stop that right […]

Drawing Fashion Illustrations with Illustrator’s Pen Tool

Learn the basics of the pen tool in Illustrator to trace a simple hand drawn fashion sketch; while it takes time and practice to master this tool, this video will give you a detailed overview of how it works as well as some helpful tips.

Quilted Down Effect Using Brushes & Patterns in Illustrator

Tutorial video plus a vector download including a fashion flat, pattern brush & repeating pattern for quilting.

How to Spec Cut & Sew Panels on Your Garment

It’s critical to provide your factory with actual life size scale measurements for artwork, cut and sew panels, or seam lines on your fashion designs. Using both Illustrator and real life garments, learn how to mock this up and create specs to make sure your samples come in correctly – the first time. YOU WILL […]

How to Create a Mesh Repeating Pattern in Illustrator

It’s easy to create a mesh repeating pattern and add it to your fashion flat sketches – and I’ll show you exactly how in this video tutorial. You will learn: 00:33 Understanding the repeat of a mesh pattern 00:55 Building the repeat tile for your mesh 01:22 How to cut a hole out of your […]

How to Make a Lace Pattern in Illustrator (& Photoshop)

Using photoshop & Illustrator, we’ll create a see through / transparent lace repeating pattern swatch and apply it to our bra fashion flat sketch. You will learn: 00:37 How to crop one repeat of your lace pattern in Photoshop 01:20 How to make sure the edges of your repeat tile will seam up smoothly 02:11 […]

How to move and scale patterns in illustrator

It’s simple to resize / move / transform patterns inside objects in Illustrator – and this video will show you how. You will learn: 00:19 What is an engineered pattern in fashion? 01:20 How to place a repeating pattern swatch on the chest of your fashion flat by drawing it manually or using a clipping […]

How to Draw Ruffles Filled with Repeating Pattern Swatches in Illustrator

With a few simple tricks, this tutorial will show you how to add dimension to your ruffle sketches and add a pattern fill to your fashion illustration: You will learn: 00:42 How to conceptualize drawing your fashion flat to fill it with a pattern swatch 01:40 Tricks to draw the ruffles with the Pencil Tool […]

How to Recolor Artwork in Illustrator (pattern swatches too!)

It’s very easy to recolor artwork in Illustrator – including pattern swatches, brushes, or just solid blocks of color – if you know the right tricks. This tutorial will show you exactly how to do all of that. Learn how to quickly make multiple colorways of your fashion flat sketches, repeating pattern swatches, or even entire […]

Simple Hacks to Draw Pleats in Illustrator

Using the warp effect in Illustrator, it’s easy to draw a pleated fashion flat sketch from just one rectangle. First, get the free AI file to follow along: DOWNLOAD THE FREE TEMPLATE Next, watch the video and learn: 01:25 How to create one pleat in Illustrator with a simple rectangle 02:41 How to quickly duplicate your pleat shape with […]

Why Should I Use Brushes in Illustrator?

Before learning how to make pattern brushes, it’s good to understand exactly what they are and why/when to use them.  Pattern brushes are a very powerful feature in Illustrator and offer many benefits: Improve file organization Speed up work flow Decrease time for editing/changing details Simply put, Pattern Brushes are repeating pattern tiles along a […]

How to Use and Load Custom Brushes in Illustrator

Brushes in Adobe Illustrator are a great option for anything that repeats linearly and this Illustrator tutorial will show you the basics of how to use brushes for beginners.  Some simple examples of brushes for fashion design essentials are stitching and zippers, but they’re great for other fashion flat details such as studs along a belt, or to emulate ruching […]

How to Draw Pleats in Illustrator

Adding pleats to fashion flats manually is tedious. This Illustrator tutorial will show you some easy shortcuts to create this design detail in just a few clicks. Video Outline: How to use a dashed stroke to create the vertical pleat lines (0:25) How to curve the pleat lines using the Anchor Point Tool (1:28) How to use a Clipping Mask to […]

How to Merge & Divide Shapes in Illustrator (without using Pathfinder!)

A great alternative to the Pathfinder, the Shape Builder Tool in Adobe Illustrator allows you to merge, unite and divide overlapping shapes to create compound paths. This quick tutorial will show you how to draw a belt buckle (or other fashion flats) using this tool using a few simple shapes. You will learn: How to […]

How to Curve Lines (Paths) in Illustrator

Illustrator always had a lesser known tool called the Reshape Path Tool. In theory, the concept was great but it was a bit fussy to use. In AI CC 17.1, Adobe updated the Convert Anchor Point Tool to the Anchor Point Tool and it offers some great sketching shortcuts (make sure your AI version is 17.1 or newer […]


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