SFD093 How to Land Your Dream Job in the Outdoor Apparel Industry

Fashion is a tough scene. Even when you manage to break into the fashion industry, how do you get into your dream category? With so much competition for design jobs, it seems like luck can play the biggest factor in many designer’s careers. But what if you could make luck work for you?

In this episode, you’ll hear from  Allison Juhasz. Allison has spent ten years in the industry, designing for big outdoor apparel names like Scott, UnderArmour, Obermeyer, and Ultimate Direction.

These opportunities were open to Allison because she made the right moves at the right times. She readily admits that she’s been lucky–but she shares tons of ways that you can become lucky too! Follow her lead, and boost your chances of getting to design for the category YOU want most.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • How she got into fashion–with a bachelor’s in marine biology
  • How she got “lucky” with jobs–again and again!
  • Why she left her first dream job (and what she would have done differently)
  • Why she quit another job many designers would kill for–without a job lined up!
  • Her tips for networking when it doesn’t come naturally to you
  • How she has scored more great opportunities over the years
  • Why working for a big brand isn’t always the best option
  • How she spends her days in a smaller company with diverse aspects to her role
  • Details about the product design and development process
  • And more!

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