Grow a big fashion brand with a tiny niche

SFD094 This Dirndl Designer Grew a BIG Fashion Brand with a TINY Niche

Is it possible to start a successful fashion brand when your niche is super small?

On this episode we hear from Erika Neumayer Ehrat of Rare Dirndl. Her full time job is designing and selling dirndls.

raredirndl Roses Spiders Dirndl1

If you’ve never found yourself desperately scouring the web for the perfect dirndl, we’re not surprised! It’s such a tiny niche market, it may not seem like a sustainable business model. But by knowing her customer so well that she’s even given her a name, Erika makes a living creating something extremely special for a small but dedicated customer base.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we cover:

  • What even is a dirndl, anyway?
  • The smart moves Erika made early on in her business
  • What she learned from her years doing festivals and pop-up shops
  • Why Erika narrowed her already small niche down further…
  • …and even further, and how she got super clear on her ideal customer
  • The second ideal customer avatar that surprised her
  • What she’s learned about creating a website to sell your designs
  • How blogging on other topics helps her find her customers
  • How she handles returns and custom designs
  • The marketing strategy that works for her today
  • And more!

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raredirndl Purple Dirndl6

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