My Illustrator File Has Too Many Anchor Points {Sew Heidi}

My Illustrator File Has Too Many Anchor Points

Sometimes my Illustrator designs are complex…as in 81,108 anchor points complex. Which isn’t so bad, until you try to turn that bad boy into a repeating pattern. And then yikes….sorry Illustrator (and my computer) that I do this to you…

While fighting with an anchor point heavy file and using all the tricks I know so that it didn’t take 5 seconds to process every time I wanted to move just one anchor point, I thought, “hmmm, this would make a really good video tutorial“. So I hit record…and here you go.

Now, I’ll remind you that Illustrator was straight up pissed at me. It was like a snail trying to crawl uphill on a windy day. An exaggeration? Maybe. But it sure was working harder than it wanted to (kinda like how hard you work at the gym post a new year’s resolution…way harder than you want to).

So, here’s what I did to make Illustrator happy again and create a smooth seam around the edges of my pattern.

Edit Edges of A Seamless Repeating Pattern Tile in Illustrator {Sew Heidi}

Most of the tricks in this video I already knew, but one of them was brand new to me. It was so new and simple that I actually had to add it during post production because I wasn’t totally sure it really worked until I tested it again later (skip directly to 3:24 for that one).


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