Successful Fashion Designer Podcast: Know Thy Customer

SFD054 Mini Episode: The Priceless Advice of “Know Thy Customer”

You’ve probably heard about the value of getting to know your customer. It helps you understand what they need and learn how you can solve their problems. And whether you’re an up-and-coming brand, a freelance fashion designer, or looking for a job in the fashion industry, you have a customer.

It’s whoever is paying you for a product, services performed or work done.
It is a buyer (shopper), your client, or your boss.
It is the brand you work for, or the one you’re dying to work for.

No matter what kind of work you do, the priceless advice of “know thy customer” is something you can’t ignore in the fashion industry.

If you look closely, this is a theme that comes up over and over in many of the SFD interviews.

But the problem?

Sometimes really subtle and easy to miss exactly how these guests are “getting to know their customer” and how it’s vital to their success.

Because as excited as you may be about your fashion designs, it’s the end customer that will determine your success.

Which is why in the first ever mini “podlet” episode, Robyn and I discuss 5 episodes and examples of how this priceless advice can be applied to your work in fashion. Listen now:

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Episodes referenced & examples of “know thy customer”

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Successful Fashion Designer Podcast: Know Thy Customer

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