SFD020: The Step by Step Guide to Fabric Sourcing for Your Fashion Brand (with low minimums)

Do you know what the biggest mistake startup fashion designers make when fabric sourcing? They buy from retail shops (like Mood and other NYC garment district stores) which means you’re overpaying and wasting money. Learn exactly where you to source low minimum fabrics (and trims) for your fashion brand. Jay shares his 30+ years of industry expert advice with us to help make sure you see success and can find just what you need at a competitive price (without having to overbuy).

Jay is your absolute one stop shop for sourcing anything and everything you need to make your fashion product, including fabrics, trims, hangtags, labels and so much more. In this interview, he shares why indie designers are seeing more success now than they were 5 years ago, what materials you can cut costs on and where you may want to spend a little more, and why buying from NYC’s garment district is the biggest mistake most designers make.

You will learn:

  • The different supplier tiers: retail, jobber, fabric importer, converter and mill
  • Why you need to be really careful buying from a jobber
  • The challenges of sourcing fabric in the NYC garment district
  • Why independent designers are seeing greater success now than 5 years ago
  • The importance of continuity in the supplies you source
  • Why logistically it’s more expensive to do small batch production overseas than locally
  • What materials you can cut corners and costs on, and what ones you don’t want to
How to Source Low Minimum Fabrics, Trims and more for Your Fashion Collection: The Successful Fashion Designer interview with Jay Arbetman and Sew Heidi

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Fashion Fabric Sourcing (with low minimums)

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Fashion Fabric Sourcing (with low minimums)

Fashion Fabric Sourcing (with low minimums)

Fashion Fabric Sourcing (with low minimums)

Fashion Fabric Sourcing (with low minimums)

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