How to be a Fashion Designer without Going to Fashion School

How to Be a Fashion Designer without Going to School

Fashion school’s not for everyone. I didn’t go, and you don’t have to either. Tuition is expensive. Four years is a long time. And maybe you feel like it’s just too late to go back to school.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t become a fashion designer.

Over the years, everything I’ve learned about the industry came from hard work and real life experience. The first fashion design job I landed was a result of my Illustrator skills and DIY fashion knowledge (meaning everything I knew about the industry I had figured out on my own).

In this 4-part series I published on, I’ve shared the proven strategies I used to launch my own label, source factories and manufacturers, and ultimately start my own design agency.

I’ll show you the exact steps you can follow (and what skills you don’t need to learn) to make it as a fashion designer without going to school.

Click here to read Part 1: GETTING STARTED
Why Some Hard Work, Passion, and a Willingness to Learn Can Get You Just as Far as a 4 ­Year Program.

Click here to read Part 2: THE ACTUAL GARMENT
What you need to know about sewing, construction, and textiles so your garment is made correctly.

Click here to read Part 3: DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT
How good of a sketcher you need to be + why you can’t do anything without a tech pack.

Click here to read Part 4: YOU & YOUR COMMUNITY
How you can be a designer no matter where you live, but the one thing you must do to make this happen.


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