Fashion Freelancer Q&A: How can I grow my business if I can't take on any more clients?

SFF150: Fashion Freelancer Q&A: I’m at Capacity! How Can I Grow My Business if I Can’t Take On More Clients? (Part 2)

Successful Fashion Freelancer Alison Hoenes has grown her freelance business to 75% more than her old full-time income in just 4 years. She has plenty of clients and more projects than she can take on, and she needs help!

In part two of the interview, we dive into what Alison can do to keep growing her business without losing her work-life balance–one of the best things about being a true, remote freelancer! We cover hiring, deciding what tasks to delegate (or dump altogether!), and how Alison can help even more clients without lowering her rates or burning out.

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In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • How Alison has grown from 25% more than her old salary in 2019 to 75% more in 2021
  • Different ways you can reduce your workload WITHOUT reducing your client list
  • What happened when Alison raised her rates…. then raised them again
  • Knowing which tasks are REALLY worth your time
  • How to delegate when it feels easier to just do it all yourself
  • And more!

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About Alison

Alison Hoenes is a freelance patternmaker who helps women’s slow fashion brands overcome technical unknowns and get designs to production with confidence. She writes a newsletter on apparel product development for fashion entrepreneurs, serves as the Regional Director for Fashion Group International of Saint Louis, and is the host of the How Fitting podcast.

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