SFD098 How to Get a Better Job in Fashion

SFD098 How to Get a Better Job in Fashion

Michele Mavi is a recruiter and Strengths Coach who’s worked with fashion job seekers for over 15 years. On this episode of the SFD podcast, she shares what she’s learned about how to get a better job in fashion. She’s here to give the deets on landing the best fashion job for YOUR unique set of skills and strengths.

In the interview (which you’ll love), you’ll learn:

  • Why understanding your strengths is so important
  • Ideas you can use today to start identifying your strengths
  • How to search for the RIGHT job (not just A job)
  • The common résumé mistake that’s holding you back–and how to fix it
  • What employers want to hear from a candidate for any kind of role
  • Tips for how to make the most of your strengths even with your least favorite tasks
  • A super important way to stand out when you apply for a fashion job
  • Tips for working in a team with different personality types
  • And more!

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A Better Way to Win at Work

When you’re trying to get a better job in fashion, it can seem like the only option is to apply for any opening, and take the first offer that comes along–no matter how far it is from what you REALLY want to do.

You may find yourself thinking, “This is good enough for now. It has to be better than my current job!”But if the work you’re doing doesn’t utilize your real strengths, you won’t be happy there long term.

And if you just keep changing jobs, it can hurt your chances of getting the one that really is right for you.

Michele says there’s a better way. It’s all about knowing your strengths and communicating them to employers–and going for jobs that really fit what you’re best at.

About Michele:

Michele Mavi has been coaching job seekers on interview skills and job search strategies for over 15 years. As a certified Gallup Strengths Coach she coaches individuals, managers and teams on how to leverage and maximize their individual strengths. Her advice has been quoted in numerous high profile publications including Fast Company, US News & World Reports and Glamour among others. She is also in the process of completing her certification in Applied Positive Psychology.

You can work directly with Michele!

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Michele for personalized coaching–she’s even offered a discount to SFD Podcast listeners! (This is an affiliate link, so if you choose to work with Michele, SFD will get a small portion of what you pay. You’ll save money AND support the podcast–it’s a win-win!)

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