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SFF133 The Fashion Freelancer Who Never Wanted to Be a Freelancer

If you’ve never considered freelancing as an option for your fashion career, you’re not alone. Today’s guest, Amy, liked working in-house and was never interested in becoming a freelancer. But when she became a mom and needed just a little more work-life balance, she came face to face with how inflexible this industry can be. She decided to go from corporate to freelance as a temporary fix while her son was young, and always intended to go back to in-house. But once she experienced the flexibility, freedom of choice, and better hourly wage she now has, she fell in love with freelancing.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • The mistakes she made when pitching her first potential clients
  • The change to her pitch that dramatically improved her results
  • How she learned to love cold pitching
  • Why she doesn’t have to cold pitch anymore (and what she does instead)
  • The “networking” strategy that makes a huge difference in her career
  • Her process for bringing on a new client
  • How she calculates her rates
  • The small things she does that make a big impact on her clients
  • And more!

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About Amy

Amy is a freelance designer helping small to medium sized menswear brands with their design and development. After over eight years in the industry working at brands like Tommy Bahama and REI, Amy took the leap into freelancing to give herself the work-life balance she needed. Now her experience at big name brands allows her to help smaller companies level up their design and development. She loves helping her clients create new salable garments and streamline communication with their factories so they can spend more time growing their business.

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